Don’t Forget to Vote

We’re nearing an end for the election!

No matter which candidate you believe has the right plan for the future of our town, I hope that all of you will celebrate your democratic right to vote by mailing your ballots in this election. If you’re on board with my campaign, even better!

Elections are always an exciting time for those of us who like to keep an eye on public administration, be it municipal, state or federal. This particular council election, I feel, is going to signify the beginning of an important chapter in the history of our town. It’s the right time to turn things around for DuPont, and I want to help lead the way. I want everyone who lives in this town to feel safe, happy, and to experience the peace of mind that comes from life in a prosperous, financially secure community.

Let’s remember all the things that make us proud of our town – the natural beauty, the economic innovations and the close-knit community–and persevere to maintain those things. That’s what my campaign has been about. The people of DuPont not only have an amazing place to call home, but the coveted right to vote to keep it great.

All of us who have come together to make DuPont a great place – be it through leadership, business, teaching or even compassion – should be proud of our town, and eager to keep building on its strong foundations with integrity. This town has grown considerably over the last decade, and with good reason. People love DuPont because it’s a beautiful and inspiring place where families can grow and chase their dreams.

It’s time to cast your ballots. Mail it in today and make sure the right person is elected to office! The decisions that we make during our lifetime will vastly change the course of the future, so if you feel as passionately as I do about our home, don’t forget to cast your vote!