Running for City Council

I’m running for City Council in DuPont Washington.  As a software development manager, I have experience running teams effectively and using my methodical problem solving skills to invent solutions to complex issues.

The political issues that are most important to me:

  1. Public Safety – We need to preserve and enhance our police, fire fighters, and emergency medical services which have been cut to minimal levels.
  2. Vibrant Community – DuPont is a planned community that has many parks and trails through beautiful wilderness areas, many with views of Puget Sound. The parks are family friendly and are areas to congregate and meet your neighbors. The parks are central to many community events and activities. The walking paths created a connected community, allowing people to get anywhere in the city and have helped make DuPont the home of a national running organization. We’ve cut many service.  We must make sure we keep DuPont a great place to live.
  3. Fiscal Responsibility – DuPont has a significant history of business dating back to the fort Hudson fur trading company. Lately, DuPont has been having revenue difficulties. We need to find ways to maximize the efficiency of our spending while investing in future economic growth and development. We need to grow revenue and attract new/additional businesses to the area–we finally have a grocery store opening soon. At the same time, we must avoid the problems inherent with growth, such as traffic.

I look forward to the opportunity to use my experience to improve DuPont and hope for your support.