Why I’m Running for City Council

I decided to run for DuPont city council because I believe I can help the town maintain its unique, vibrant qualities in the face of financial strains. Our community has grown exponentially over the course of the last decade, and so far we have done a fantastic job of bringing in new businesses and more families.

As most of you know, however, our financial planning strategies are not currently enough to maintain all the new services and people we have here in DuPont. What worked for this town in the past cannot sustain us at our current size – we have more than 8000 people to look after, and many of our plans were created for fewer than 1000 citizens. The more people that come to call DuPont home, the harder the council needs to work to provide excellent services such as our beautiful parks, and maintain them.

I am a businessman, and I know how to budget properly and make my company successful. Now, I want to take that knowledge and use it for the betterment of my hometown. I want to make sure that my friends, family and neighbors are provided with the best in public safety, the best in public amenities, and the best in terms of our collective financial future.

Right now, our public safety measures are underfunded, as are our maintenance measures for the parks and greenways, which are a classic, beautiful part of DuPont’s identity. If the city continues on its current financial path, it will need to cut more funding to these important measures and possibly default on its debts. Instead of letting my city falter in such a way, I prefer to use my professional skills to make it stronger. I am a proven team leader who will work hard to identify DuPont’s issues and deal with them in the most productive way.

Historically, DuPont has been a center of economic stability. We are blessed with beautiful land, intelligent human resources and the drive to succeed. If we want to put DuPont back on the right track, we need to all be committed to the cause.

I choose to invest in DuPont, and I want the town’s citizens to choose to invest in their home as well.